Norm Regular “Describe Infinity”

By P80 Parks

Norm Regular: “I really wanted to try my best to make an actual album.”

Baltimore emcee Norm Regular delivers a healthy dose of nostalgia on his debut LP, Describe Infinity to fully announce his arrival in the game. The quiet, ever-youthful Norm uncovers an even younger self while instilling his acquired wisdom across 11 tracks of head-nodding beats, all showing another facet or layer of Regular. He calls on a handful of underground producers to establish the sonic palette for Norm to craft his debut LP. With Norm, it’s easy to hear the nostalgia in his throwback flow, echoes of the second golden era evident in his voice. What seemingly comes off as a monotone flow at first, Norm has harnessed that same vocal tone to his advantage, sounding reminiscent of that second golden era sound.

On Describe Infinity, Norm Regular raps over a range of beats, from the tension of weaving through traffic of “Broken Mirrors” to the wafting “Enchacement Smoker” prod by Sean Keaton. Norm seems to shine on beats like that as well as the floating “Blue Light Special” prod by Really Hiiim. Norm keeps the mic to himself for the majority the album, with underground heavies Lord Juco and B.A. Badd adding some talent and experience as guest features. Norm Regular speaks on his brother’s influence as he skates on the funky bass groove and starry jazz hints of “Bones” prod by Aasir.

The title, cover art, and audio clips all pay homage and respect to Norm’s full immersion into hip hop in the 90’s with his brother’s rap crew Infinite Description.

Norm: “probably wouldn’t be rhyming if not for them.”

Norm: “Putting this one together, Shit definitely came from a different place.”

It’s clear that Norm was able to pinpoint that inspiration and channel his own talents into a cohesive project. Describe Infinity is available here:

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