Flip Jackson “Follow The Leader”

Massachusetts rapper/producer Flip Jackson releases his debut album Follow The Leader. The 10-track project features MC Uncle Sam, JD Cuellar & Cilo BGR. Flip handles the production on most of the album but recruits Vinyl Villain & DK Media to contribute a beat each as well. Highlights include “Make it Flip” feat. JD Cuellar, “Ride Out,” and the Vinyl Villain-laced “God’s Grace.”

While Flip has been known for mainly making beats the past 8 years, the current pandemic pushed him to get back in the booth, ultimately leading to create this project.

Flip Jackson: “I began this project at the beginning of Covid-19, back in March & had no idea I would end up using this project as a form of processing what was happening in the world.”

Flip brings a street attitude and his production delivers a heavy club banger sound. Follow The Leader, courtesy of DGS Records & Gotham City Music Group is Available on Bandcamp here:


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