Boston emcee XL The Beast lands a haymaker with his latest banger “Sucker Punch,” featuring Rockness Monsta, Reks, and Lord Vital. Cambridge producer The Arcitype delivers an uptempo burner full of eerie synths and organs as Rock provides his veteran baritone rumble and Reks brings his rapid fire flow to the track.

XL: “When Arcitype played the beat I instantly knew that it would be thorough and challenging. So I chose two of the deadliest spitters and we got down”

Peep “Sucker Punch” here:

Chicago’s ILL Gordon releases his latest video for “Blow My Mind” off his most recent project, BarzonDeck2. Blow My Mind” shows a spirited Gordon spitting over loops to create an uptempo club joint courtesy of producer Deka Derse. The track features Ingineer sliding through for a verse as well. The animated video shows Gordon and Ingineer in the club enjoying the scene. The video was also directed and edited by Deka Derse. Check the video here:

The S. Carolina emcee is back with the latest off his recent album 84.3FM: Carolina Radio, fully produced by French beatmaker Keor Meteor. Keor laces the beat with lush piano and strings loops. In the video for “Some Highs, Some Lows,” the Carolina coast is prominent in the background, tying into the album’s theme as well. Check out “Some Highs, Some Lows” here:

Head over to Corey’s website for his latest:

Art by Cxppington

By P80

Pro Dillinger comes out swinging on Megafoul, his EP exclusively produced by Megaladon. The Rockland County emcee spits with a tenacity and hunger that’s unmatched. With his genuine demeanor and no nonsense attitude Pro is poised for a long career in the game. Garnering attention from his singles and features and his Umbrella squad’s ever expanding team, Dillinger is set to put on for his family, his circle and his hometown.

Pro Dillinger: “I linked up with Mega over a year ago and we started cooking this.. I just took my time with it.”

Megaladon brings beats appropriately suited for Pro’s filthy imagery and his harsh, no-fucks given mentality. Dillinger kicks the door down on the intro “Round of applause” spitting pure savagery over a gorgeous violin loop. “Loyalty” displays Pro Dillinger’s gritty rhymes and street tales over uptempo piano loops and thumping drums. Check out “Loyalty” here:

“Covid Onenine” brings a somber tone while the uptempo “Everybody Eats” show a victorious Dillinger, focused, riding the beat. “Listen” feat. Jazzy Joyce and Royal Gunna shows a more mature Dillinger detailing his relationship with wifey and the daily challenges inherent in the lifestyle.

Megaladon creates a great beat selection for Pro to just unleash his lyrics over. Dillinger delivers with his pure honesty, drive and hustle. His lyrics never reach too far out of reality as Dillinger is as grounded as any humble man. Stay tuned as Pro Dillinger is next man up.

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Art by Greg Rappa

By P80

As arguably the hardest rap crew out currently, Rochester collective Da Cloth delivers Da Fixtape, brimming with hazy imagery and hype energy oozing from every drum snap and antagonizing lyric. Employing producers mainly from the Rochester area, with a couple exceptions, Da Fixtape puts Da Cloth squarely on the map, repping Rochester to the fullest.

With the most visibility of the squad, Rigz acts as the defacto general, with his smooth flow armed with a contemptuous attitude; MAV is the cool veteran with the OG wisdom and understated delivery; Mooch has the lively vocals, high register and unique cadence; Rob Gates brings a palpable energy, evoking visions of him wilding out in the booth, always on the brink of unloading a clip or ending in a scrap. While those main 4 compose the majority of the album, additional support is brought in from Da Cloth members Symph, Times Change and Illanoise.

Peep the video for “Last Dose”:

There are plenty of drug bars, though never done too forcefully or ignorant of taste. They give us glimpses of that lifestyle as “Back Door” is a hurried rush to move the custies out the back. But they avoid many of the cliches and pitfalls through clever lyrics and wordplay. It’s not that the content is unique, it’s that they spin it and weave in an overall mood to a satisfying result.

Rigz plainly illustrates things with lyrics like: ”people noddin on my songs. Why wouldn’t they?.. S’what dope do.”

Try to hold back the emotions as loop master Nicholas Craven brings the melancholy feel On “Ask me why” as they all see their pasts haunting them, still using it as motivation. Joints like “All about the money,” “Role Models” and “31 to 62” bring the smooth 80’s synth vibes, just cruising at night. That whole vibe finds Da Cloth in stride. A smart sequencing of that whole mood suits Da Cloth well.

Beats come courtesy of Speed, Thank5th, Sonny Carson, RDJR, Audio Narcotics, 322Major and Grimz. The album features additional production from esteemed producer VDon and a banger from local elite emcee and producer, Eto. Producer Chup contributes 3 beats to the project, adding his local talent into the fold. Da Cloth comes through with a well executed project with each member adding their own styles and unique flavor. Da Fixtape is a dope album that puts Rochester on the map from the rhymes down to production.

Check out Da Fixtape here:

Words by Divino

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with the latest from Baltimore emcee Jamil Honesty and UK producer HobGoblin. They team up once again bring us Martyr Musik 2: The kingdom.

The lead single “The Fabric” sets the tone for the sequel to their 2018 release. “The Fabric” gives us an airy feel, reminiscent of stepping into a church and hearing the powerful choir, fortifying your soul with the essential elements at just the right time.

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown of thorns….. its a steady march soldier, not a marathon… trying make it to the kingdom that’s what’s paramount.”

More of a breath of fresh air, upon first listen MM2 seems very well crafted with a clear strong cohesiveness between the producer and emcee. The sharp delivery and in-depth wordplay from Jamil lends us his point of a view as we sit upon the shoulders of this evolving lyrical giant. That is something many rappers lack nowadays; being a true master of ceremony while providing a majestic tone. Features from Da Cloth emcee MAV, along with guest spots from other talented spitters like P.U.R.E., Josiah The Gift , Pgenz, Squeegie-O, Juga-Naut, and Ace Cannons all give this project a well-rounded appeal. Martyr Musik II is an impressive sequel, allowing to be more than merely a Hip-hop album

Expect more from Jamil Honesty and HobGoblin as a dope pairing but also as separate artists in their own right. With MM2 they prove that if you keep the same formula with the right talent, then great music will follow.

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Martyr Musik 2 (LP)

Observe Since ‘98 lays down haunting piano notes and a foreign vocal loop for MAV to bring his sneering flow and Pounds with his gravelly delivery. Both emcees bring their gritty and descriptive crime tales on “Dirty Work,” the second single off the upcoming Le Dernier Royaume (The Last Kingdom), the follow up to Royaume Du Sauvage, which dropped earlier this year. Peep the track here:

By P80 Parks

Psst.. sneak down here real quick, I got something for ya. Slide through the broken fence over here and catch a glimpse of this Alley Muzik.

Australian producer Timepiece and Texas spitter Pro Zay act as the unsavory characters guiding the tour through the littered debris of broken bottles, cigarette butts, cracked syringes, shattered pipes and trash strewn about the ground. The allure of something dangerous lies down that alley. Pro Zay evokes the muddied and polluted imagery born from his lyrics, aided by his hoarse vocals. Timepiece flexes his skills on the boards creating the perfect world for Zay and his guests to inhabit the dark alley.

The first joint immediately brings a hazy intoxicated tone as Lord Juco brings his clever lyrics to “Pedigree“ over a hazy synth buzz. On “25” Zay spits some poignant bars over a triumphant beat: “I didn’t got funerals I wasn’t strong enough then”

Check “25” here:

Knowledge” shows both Zay and rhyme partner Tony Tone over a smooth bassline, desolate piano and somber trumpet. “Nosebleed,” is an eerily anxious banger. Scatterbrvin adds his creative wordplay on the euphoric “Sleeping Gas.” “Tony’s outro” finds Zay over sped up Italian organs as if he’s posted inside the ristorante waiting on his goodfellas to drop off the pack. A real “Leave the gun, take the cannoli,” type of scenario.

Zay’s voice may be an acquired taste for some, but once that rasp utters his visceral rhymes, it’s clear to see why you’re intrigued. He sounds angry and determined, as if you can’t question his words or doubt his aim. Timepiece shows his wide range of samples to create some dope soundscapes for Zay to craft his murderous tales of the underbelly.

Cop Alley Muzik here: